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Okay, let’s start at the beginning. Let me tell you…no, actually, let me show you what prompted me to plunk down way too much money on a DSLR camera. It was January 2011, and DS#1 was playing a scrimmage game against a team that we had beaten pretty soundly last fall. We were doing quite well against them this game, too, to the point where, when one of their players slashed my son, their coach asked if my son could just take a penalty shot instead of them trying to kill a 2-minute penalty. (I believe we were about 7 or 8 goals ahead at that point.) Our coach was all for it, since no one really enjoys those lopsided games, and my son took his penalty shot. Now, you have to understand that my son is a defenseman, and not a quick one, either. Up to this point he had scored exactly 4 goals in his 3-year hockey career. So, this was a pretty exciting opportunity for him. He took his spot on the red line, skated down the ice, and took his shot. And it went in!! Now, I’m not one to celebrate the misfortunes of an 8-year-old goalie who is already getting pummeled, but at that moment, all I could think about was my son scoring his first goal of the season, and he was obviously thinking the same thing. He was over-the-moon excited, to the point where he not only raised his stick in celebration, but then skated around and slapped gloves with every one of his teammates on the bench. This was a BIG moment for my son, and here I was, camera in hand, ready to capture it all. And here’s what I got:




And I didn’t even get the great glove-bumping on the bench because I was so busy fussing with my camera. Can you see why I nearly cried when I saw these shots? And why I knew it was time to get a real camera at that point? Three weeks later, my DSLR journey began.

Eventually, after I plunked down way too much money on a camera, I decided to create a blog for my photos because I couldn’t think of anything more fun than writing about my two favorite subjects: photography and my boys playing hockey. And that is how this blog came to be!

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