A Mid-Year Recap

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This morning I was listening to Sirius XM Symphony Hall (which is my go-to station of choice when I’m not in the car because I love classical music), and the on air personality mentioned that today is June 30, which means we are halfway through 2017.  To which I immediately replied, “Say what…?!”  That kind of puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it? 😮  I decided that would make today a good day to recap my year thus far.

Weight – 125.4

That’s up .2 from last week, and about 5 pounds above my goal.  While that’s not exactly where I want to be, on the bright side, I just went and looked, and it’s down a little more than half a pound from where I was at beginning of the year. So, here’s to positive progress. 🙂  There’s no sense in dwelling on the negative, right?

Miles Run – 562 (Exactly!)

That averages out to a little over 93 miles a month, which isn’t too bad. I had a couple months where I was at 104, in the height of my half-marathon training, but then I had a couple other months where I was in the 70s, so it all balances out. I’ve got another half-marathon coming up in October, and I’ll begin training for that soon enough, so my mileage is not really an issue.  Now, here’s something that just totally cracked me up: I was using the Garmin app to determine my miles run this year, and there was a little menu item for “Insights.” I clicked on it, and this is what came up:

Seriously? Do I really run farther than 99% of the other females age 44 to 49?? That’s hysterical!! Seriously, I don’t run THAT much!  It has to be a mistake.

Races Run – 2

OK, that’s not very many! 😮 However, one of those races was a half-marathon, which I managed to PR, so that’s certainly an accomplishment! The other race was a 5k with JJ (our new annual run), which was fun.  Meanwhile, Jamie and I had to postpone our annual race until September, since the Kona company canceled the Kona June run.  🙁 The other thing to consider is that, with our big 20th anniversary trip earlier this year, I was trying not to spend too much extra money, and the reality is that running races cost money! The boys and I are doing a local race in Petersburg next month with Jamie’s hockey team, and then I’ll be running the Buffalo Wild Wings run in September with Jamie, and the Detroit half in October, so I think I’m doing okay. I do kind of want to do another 5K or even a 10K, since I haven’t done one in a while, but we’ll see.

So that’s pretty much my health and fitness wrap up for the first half of 2017. As for the rest of my life, I  had some pretty notable accomplishments, including:

1. Celebrating 20 years of marriage to my wonderful husband.
2. Taking thousands of pictures of my boys in their chosen sports (hockey, lacrosse, and baseball so far this year).
3. Got my sports pictures in the local paper three times (I just had another picture land on the front page of the main paper as well as the front page of the sports section last week!).
4. Survived freshman year with my teenage son without killing him. Hey, that’s an accomplishment! 😛 (Not to mention both my kids came away with fantastic report cards for the year, which makes me a very proud mom.)
5. Accomplished a major milestone, marking five years at Lifetime status with Weight Watchers.
5. Oh, and course there was that little trip to Hawaii. 😉

So clearly, regardless of what the scale says or how many miles I’ve run, I am very blessed, and I’m excited to see what the rest of 2017 has in store for me!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great Fourth of July/Canada day holiday! I don’t have any nice pictures for today’s post, so here is a sunset photo I took a couple of weeks ago that I’m really proud of. 🙂

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