So *Bleeping* Close!!

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Argh.  I was so sure that today was going to be THE day.  The day I hit my goal weight.  But alas, no…even though I only had 1.2 pounds to lose, and even though I stayed the same last week despite being OP, I just could not get that last 1.2 pounds off.  🙁  I lost .6 pounds, exactly half of what I needed, and it was so frustrating.  I walked and walked, I watched my points, I left nearly all of my weekly and activity points on the table at the end of the week, but…no.  No goal weight for me.

I know I said last week (maybe here, maybe just to my husband…who can remember??) that I was going to take whatever my weight was today and use that as my goal weight (assuming I didn’t gain).

And it sure seemed like a good idea last Thursday when I was trying on size 6 dresses–and finding that they fit!  Such as the one in the picture at right.  Yes, that’s me, taking a picture of myself in a department store fitting room.  Go ahead and judge me, but come on–isn’t that dress just awesome!?  I *heart* red. And I especially *heart* red dresses in a size 6 that fit me. 😉  I didn’t buy it, because I have no idea where I would wear it, but I did say nice things to it for a few minutes.  “Such a good dress.  Aren’t you pretty? And so well-behaved…”

Still, despite the cool dress, when I looked at the scale this morning and it didn’t read 125, it just didn’t feel right to change my goal.   My goal is 125.  For me to say 125.6 is my new target just seems like giving up too soon.  The truth is that my biggest problem this past week that caused me to want to throw in the Weight Watchers towel has been hunger and even a little bit of dizziness.  I don’t know if the dizziness is related to my having been sick the past two weeks (I’m just now getting over that cold), or possibly my lack of sleep for the last three weeks.  Probably a little of both, honestly.  But I did have a few periods where I really did feel lightheaded last week, and that’s what made me think my body was done with losing weight.

However, I got 10 hours of sleep on Saturday (*thud* I can’t remember the last time that happened), and I am finally over the cold.  I do feel better, so I think I can stick it out til the bitter end, aka, 125.  But at the same time, I’ve decided that I am going to do something different this week.  Being hungry has really bugged me these last several days, mostly because I haven’t had that issue until just recently, and I’ve been OP since November 21st. (Every day!!)  I don’t like being hungry.  Being hungry makes me feel like I’m cheating myself and that makes me angry enough to eat gourmet popcorn–and I don’t even like popcorn!  :p  So, this week, I’m going to eat all my activity points.  I haven’t been using those or my weeklies, and I figure that this is a good way to stay on program but also do something different (since forgoing those points hasn’t done me much good these last several weeks).  And this way, if I don’t lose any weight next Monday, hopefully I will at least feel like I got plenty to eat! 🙂

I’m kind of low on pictures for this post, and I do love me some pictures (see all my other posts on this blog for proof of that, ha ha!).  So, I thought I would take a picture of the dinner I had tonight and post it.  This is a Weight Watcher recipe I found a year or so ago, and I love it.  It’s called South of the Border Chicken Soup, but I think most people would call it a chicken tortilla soup.  I don’t really care what it’s called, because it’s relatively easy and amazingly filling. I’m actually not a big fan of soup most of the time, but this one won me over.   It has shredded, cooked chicken, corn, diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, chicken broth, salsa, and a little flour for thickening (that’s my addition, not in the original recipe).  It’s supposed to have crushed tortilla chips on top, as well as a sprinkling of cheese, but I forgot to put those on before I took the picture.  I don’t always put the cheese on top, but I like the tortilla chips for crunch.  I also serve it with my famous “cilantro bread.”  Ha, it’s not really famous, but I like to say it is. 😉 It’s my version of garlic bread for a Mexican dish–a tortilla spread with 1/3 to 1/2 cup shredded mozarella (along with about 1/2 tablespoon of cheddar for color), then sprinkled with dried cilantro and browned under a broiler for a few minutes. I cut it up with a pizza cutter into six wedges and serve it along with the soup, and my kids actually both enjoy it.  (Well, okay, the younger one enjoys the cilantro bread more than the soup, but he’s a picky little bugger).  The meal filled me up well, but because I walked hard this morning and earned 4 APs, I did enjoy a Fiber One chocolate brownie for dessert.  Mmmm…I am so addicted to those things.  I know they’re not great for me, but I do love ’em.

So, that’s my story for today.  I will plod on and hope that I can make it through this week with a .6 pound loss (or more) on Monday.  It’s Easter weekend, so that might prove challenging, since I have three events to attend between Friday and Sunday, but I’m hopeful that I can just stay the course and come out on top next week.  I will end this post with a picture I took yesterday while on my walk around downtown.  I took my camera along and just took random pictures of things that caught my eye.  I will probably post those pictures later in a photography-blog post, but for now, I wanted to include this one because I think the story that the picture tells is just fitting.

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “So *Bleeping* Close!!

  1. Jenn

    Hugs! Just offering you some support on your journey. Keep it up, you are doing great and you will make those .6 pounds soon. I am still working toward my goal, 20 lbs to go.

  2. steph Post author

    Awww…thanks, Jenn!! I appreciate your support. {{hugs}} I’m hoping to get there soon, and I hope you get to YOUR goal before you know it, too! We can do it!! xoxo


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