Kentucky Derby, Michigan Style

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My days have been busy, what with two kids each playing two sports this season, but this past weekend was over the top.  Jamie had a lacrosse game on the other side of town that I had to miss because JJ had the first of four hockey games for a tournament weekend.  On top of all that, we had a Kentucky Derby party Saturday night, and then a hockey game for Jamie Sunday night.  And the answer to your question is, no, I don’t sleep. 😉  But I love my kids, I love sports, and I especially love taking pictures of my kids and their friends playing sports, so although I’m terribly behind in everything, I love being busy with things I enjoy.

Friday night’s tournament game was exciting, with our teaming barely beating a team from Pennsylvania (final score was 2-1).  Saturday morning, the boys had an 8am game (ugh), which required them to be at the rink at 7am.  I ended up oversleeping (!) so Jason took JJ to the rink while I ran six miles in my neighborhood.  The benefit to oversleeping was that I got to run in the daylight, which is something I missed all winter.

I do love living in the country.  🙂

The boys managed a big win in the early game, and the team went out to breakfast.  We went to Ihop, which I had recently been to with my mom and sister and discovered they have a delicious egg white omelette.


I like the Ihop menu because it lists the calories right on it.  That is definitely a benefit to calorie-counting versus Weight Watchers…no need for me to pull out my phone and hope I can find the item in the app or try to figure out the points myself based on the ingredients.  Just log the calories and done!  My husband got the blueberry pancakes, and they were so pretty, I had to take a picture.


My omelette was 330 calories, while Jason’s pancakes were 620 without the syrup.  Definitely no contest! (And the omelette is really good!)  I splurged on the hash browns instead of fruit, since I did run 6 miles a few hours before. 😉

In the third game that afternoon, I was pretty excited because we not only won another close game, but JJ scored a goal! But even better (for me), Since he’s a defenseman, it doesn’t happen often, so I get excited for each one. 🙂 It was one of those “scrums” in front of the net where he was just lucky enough to be the kid whose stick touched the puck before it went in.  But that’s okay, I’ll take it!

After the game, Jason and I left the kids to fend for themselves while we headed out to a Kentucky Derby party.  I realized at the last minute that I needed a hat (oops), so I just took the hat I’d bought in Hawaii last year to wear on the snorkeling trip and put a bow on it.  Not exactly a Derby hat, but it worked, lol!

The party was wonderful–we had beautiful weather and the food and company were fabulous.  I had fried chicken (I always take the skin off because I’m not that big of a fan), along with some fruit, a couple of cheese cubes, a meatball, and taco dip with tortilla chips.  The taco dip is my nemesis–man, I love a good taco dip, and this one was fantastic!  Still, it wasn’t the taco dip that did me in that night…it was the dessert table.

Look at those cupcakes!!

Aren’t those horse ones adorable?  They’re chococate cupcakes with peanut butter-chocolate frosting and a Nutter Butter cookie on top.   And by the way, I adore Nutter Butters.  😛  I had two of those cupcakes…and then I took another one home. 😮  Probably not my best choice, but I simply could not resist…they were SO good!

I also had my first mint julep.

I would say that one was enough, though–it was my first time trying bourbon, and I found I didn’t care for it at all.  I didn’t even finish it because it was really strong.  And actually, although I did go heavy on the taco dip and cupcakes, except for those few sips of the mint julep, I didn’t drink at all at the party.  Although they had a lot of hard liquor options and some red wine, they didn’t have any white wine.  I’m not a liquor or red wine fan, so it was easy for me to just skip it all and just drink water.  So there’s that, at least, lol! 😉

The next morning, we had the championship game out in Redford (about 40 minutes from our house), but at least we didn’t have to be there until 9:30.  We played the same team we had just barely beaten Friday night, and although we were down two skaters for Sunday’s game (due to baseball conflicts), we not only won, we won big.  And, to my complete shock, JJ scored again!

I love how happy his teammate is for him in that picture.  That player is the one who took the face-off and sent the puck to JJ, who then shot it directly to the net and scored.  So each kid got a point (JJ got a goal and the center got an assist) so happiness all the way around.

Later that day, JJ’s lacrosse was cancelled due to a sudden thunderstorm that just came at the right (wrong) time, and then it was a hockey game for Jamie.  They played well and won, so my kids were 5-0 over the three-day period. 🙂

All in all, it was a great weekend and I slept well Sunday night, lol!  Monday morning I weighed in and wasn’t overly surprised with the results.

Ah, well.  You win some, you lose some, and then you gain some. :p I don’t regret my choices over the weekend, and I’m hopeful that I’ll get back into my goal range (120-125) sooner rather than later. I’m kind of in a limbo right now as far as my exercise goes, but it’s going to ramp up here pretty soon.  Did I mention that I signed up to run the Detroit Free Press marathon (yes, the full 😮 ) this fall?  Well, I did!  Training will start in late June or early July (I’m still trying to decide on a training plan), but for now, I’m just running 3-4 miles each weekday morning (M, T, W, F) and then whatever my friends are running on Saturdays.

Two of my three running partners just signed up for the full marathon this weekend (because they figured they’d be training with me this summer anyway–crazy girls, lol!), so I’ll have plenty of running company.  I’m kind dreading it but kind of looking forward to it.  I’ve gone seven months without running any kind of race–that’s a long time for me!  I might throw in a 5k or 10k this summer.  We’ll see!

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Meg B

    That sounds like a wonderful party! I had a mint julep one time and hated it. Bourbon is not for me.
    Congrats to JJ and his team on their tournament win!!


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