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It’s been a while, so here’s a nice long post to catch up, ha ha!

The last couple of weeks have been really busy. Even though JJ‘s hockey season ended on May 6, Jamie’s was still going strong, plus both kids had lacrosse in full swing. As of this past Wednesday, the last sport and it, so I have a little bit of a break before hockey tryouts start next week. Yay!

Here’s a quick recap of what has taken up my time in the last two weeks:

Jamie’s hockey team had a great season, and actually went undefeated for the spring. Granted, spring season is not quite as important as the standard high school season, but it was still nice to have a successful run.

Jamie‘s lacrosse team wasn’t quite successful. In fact, not at all as successful. 😛 They only won a few games, but then when it came time for playoffs, they managed to win against a team that had beaten them previously!

That was a good day. Unfortunately, we had other challenges on the lacrosse team this year, part of it stemming from Jamie and his attitude, and part of it stemming from other things, but in the end, they lost in the second round of the playoffs (against a top 10 team in the state), so their season has finished. Jamie played very well (when he played), so although I had some frustrations with the season, I was very proud of him. He was one of the top scorers on the team, which really shocked me, because I really had no idea that he was such a good lacrosse player!

Then there is JJ‘s lacrosse team.  They had a fantastic season, not because they had a great record, but because they played so well, especially for it being a large group of kids who had never played the sport before. JJ actually got his first shut out a few weeks ago!

I have approximately 1000 pictures of my kid playing lacrosse (I don’t even think that’s an exaggeration, lol!), but I will just share a couple of my favorites:

This last one absolutely cracks me up, because it looks like ninja lacrosse!

I think it’s hysterical that he is trying to defend himself against that kid that’s about a foot taller than him, and they’re both leaping into the air like ninja warriors!

This past Tuesday, our last game was supposed to be  against the team we head split games with when we played them earlier in the season (we lost to their 5th/6th grade team, but managed to beat their 7th/8th grade team). They are a tough team, and we were all excited for the rematch. They are a tough team, and we were all excited for the rematch. Unfortunately, if you live in southeast Michigan, you know that we have had an unbelievable amount of rain in the month of May. Between May 1 through May 22, we got 6 inches of rain! 😮 We had just gotten another round of heavy rain Monday night, and at 8:30 on Tuesday morning, the athletic director for the high school contacted me to tell me that the lacrosse field was under water and we would not be able to play our game. Even more unfortunately, our opponents’ season was done the next day, and we could not reschedule. It was a heartbreaking letdown after having such a great season, because we were all excited to end it with one last “hurrah.” However, it was not to be. I may or may not have shed a few tears at my desk while crafting the email to the parents to explain to them that our season had just abruptly ended. I also may or may not have taken JJ out for ice cream before dinner that night to help console him. Or me. I’m not sure who actually needed more consoling. 😛 But the good news is, we have lots of returning players, and next year will be even better!

Some other things that happened in the last two weeks:

Jamie was inducted into the national honor Society.

That kid drives me crazy a lot, but he is definitely one smart cookie. Unless he’s being stupid, which happens a little too frequently lately. 😛

Another thing that happened was the rescheduled school auction! While it was definitely different than what it would’ve been back in March before it was so abruptly canceled, it was still a fantastic event. Many people came, and although we don’t know the final tally yet, I know that a lot of folks bid and bid high, and everyone had a great time. Especially my husband, who tended bar for four hours, and definitely got his $15 worth out of the wristband he bought. 😉

That was taken at the beginning of his shift, ha ha.

For me, the best part was my own auction donation. You all know me about me and pictures and history, right? 😉 I donated a hardcover photo book that I created showcasing a brief history of the school and then had about 35 pages of pictures from the dedication of the new school last fall, where the Archbishop actually came. I received so many wonderful compliments on it! In addition to the book, I also added on a generational family photo shoot and an 11×14 frame, as well as a free charter membership to our brand new historical society. As I think I’ve mentioned before on my blog, we have a lot of families in our area who have lived here for multiple generations (seven generations is not uncommon!), so I thought that it would be well-received item.

I know a lot of people wanted to bid on it, but it ended up actually being out of the price range of many of them. We had two bidders going back and forth on it, and it ended up going for $400! Granted, it cost $80 just to make that book, even with all the coupons that I had for the online service, but it was definitely a high-quality item. This was my second time doing a somewhat similar auction item, and this time around, I got much more savvy, using a combination of gift cards and coupons for the extra items that I purchased. I was pretty proud of myself for putting it all together for less than $100 out-of-pocket, and having it go for four times that amount was pretty amazing!  But honestly, the amount of money it generated for the school isn’t even the best part in my eyes; what had me most excited with that the winning better is actually the great-grandson of the couple who built my home! I just love that! He actually came up to me after he won the bid and was excited to tell me that he was going to have me come to their family reunion to take pictures, where they have as many as 150 of his family members in attendance. I was so excited that I almost jumped up and down at the prospect of being able to meet all those people who are descended from the couple that built my house!

Yes, I am a total history geek, and proud of it. 😉

So, as you can see, there have been just some great things happening in my life, and I am feeling really blessed. There’s one thing that’s not going so great, however.

My eating habits. 😮

I can’t deny it any longer: I have fallen off the wagon. I guess I should be glad that I haven’t gone completely off the deep end, but I just haven’t felt the motivation. In the last week especially, I have not finished a single day’s tracker in My Fitness Pal. That’s extremely unlike me; I am a tried and true tracker, having done it almost continuously for the last 6 1/2 years. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to; I typically get up in the morning and log my breakfast and then my lunch and usually my snacks, but by the evening, I just lose all motivation. I’m not eating everything in sight, but I’m just not being as mindful of my portions. My weight gain has not been drastic, but I have gained.

I’m still running five days a week, anywhere from 3 to 5 miles in the morning during the week, and then my long run with my girlfriends on Saturdays. I’m sure that’s helped keep the damage in check, but not tracking is the part I know is going to come back to bite me. And yet, I honestly don’t think I’m going to track for the rest of the holiday weekend. I know that’s a bad thing, because that’s how it starts…the “I’ll start right after the holiday“ mentality. We all know how that usually ends, right? :/

But without the enthusiasm, I just don’t think it’s worth the effort. I’m going to take a little bit of a break the rest of this week and then decide where I go from here. Maybe it’s just that I’m finally realizing how tired I am after going literally nonstop every single day for the last three months, between the auction, the historical society, and four sports between two kids, but mentally I’m just DONE. This weekend, I plan to relax and work on pictures, both sports pictures and donated historical society pictures in negative form (which I have to scan and organize, and not stress out too much about food.  For instance, we’re having hamburgers for dinner tonight, and I think for once, I’m not going to stress out about eating the bun or putting too much mayonnaise on my burger. And I bought those yummy “Hawaiian” buns that are so GOOD.

Before I end this (very long) post, I want to share my Mother’s Day present from my boys. Ten years ago, when they loved me and didn’t mind having their picture taken, those posed for a photo in the field near our house, where the winter wheat was coming up and looked beautiful as green blades rising up from the field.  This year, on Mother’s Day, I asked them to recreate the photo, and to my shock, they obliged!

The best present I could get. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Meg B

    Wow, you are one busy woman!
    I think taking a few days to not stress about food sounds perfectly reasonable. Enjoy that burger on the hawaiian roll.


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