9 1/2 Weeks

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Is it over yet? Because I’m ready for it to be.

I was actually going to make that first sentence the post title, but then I did the math and realized I’ve been under “quarantine” for a nine and a half weeks. And that reminded me of some really bad movie that came out with that same title. Am I the only one who remembers that movie? (And honestly, I only vaguely remember it.)

Besides my psuedo half-marathon, here are some other things that have occurred in our lives in the last month or so, via pictures.

Jamie had his official last day of school on April 23rd. I told him at the beginning of this school year that I would recreate the photos I took of him on his very first day of school on his very last day, and I’ll be damned if a global pandemic, a national quarantine, or a state-wide executive order was going to stop me.

I drove him down to the school at 7am so we could take these photos because I had an 8am conference call. He was thrilled.
There are 1,347 days in between these photos, but the memories are countless.
His parking spot for senior year–space #130. “A prime piece of real estate,” as he put it.

I still can’t believe that March 12 was the last day he would ever walk those halls as a student. I hate that he got robbed of so much in his senior year. Mostly I’m sad that he missed the time with his friends, playing lacrosse, hanging out on the weekends, ditching class on senior skip day, grouping together on college decision day to poke fun at school rivalries. Definitely not how we thought it would end. His graduation date was supposed to be this past Sunday. The school did an online “baccalaureate Mass” to acknowledge the day. I was sad when I started watching it, but then I saw that they’d found a way to get the students there: they printed out their photos and taped them to the pews! 😀 It made me laugh, especially when Jamie and I finally figured out where HIS seat was.

Just like ALL important events, I’m sitting in exactly the WRONG spot to get a photo of my kid. 😉

The school is planning a real graduation at the end of July, and I’m praying they can actually do it.

Meanwhile, Jamie isn’t my only graduate. JJ was supposed to be graduating from 8th grade at the end of this month. I know that concept sounds stupid to a lot of people, but he has spent 9 years with many of these kids (it’s a K-8 parochial school), and they will all go their separate ways this fall to different high schools. They’ve missed their 8th grade class trip, their 8th grade formal, and many other “lasts.” His school did their best to make the kids feel special by delivering gifts and yard signs to them last week.

The shirt says “Class of 2020 QuaranTEEN”. Not fond of the toilet paper zeros, but I like the play on words.

In other news, our cat got super-sick and stopped eating. Several days and $700 later, he’s better. I’ve now renamed him “Million Dollar Kitty.”

Jamie gives the cat his medicine. Fun times.

I’ve learned how to grocery shop again. I stopped doing my own grocery shopping when I realized about 3 years ago that Meijer would do it for me. The process is difficult if not impossible right now, so I’m back to roaming the aisles, which I hate. Especially with the new requirements.

God, I hate that mask. Sorry, but I do. During my first time shopping like this, I found it odd that random people kept asking me questions about stock or store policies. Then I realized that they thought I was a Meijer “Shipt” shopper, because I brought my own bags. LOL, I did my best to be pleasant and helpful. I’d forgotten until that day how much I miss being around people!

Other happenings:

My little quarantine world.

My husband turned 48 last Saturday (we are now the same age). I bought him some U of M shirts and a German chocolate cake that was way too good. So good. And I have never even liked German chocolate!

More stuff:


I celebrated Mother’s Day at my mom’s with mimosas for us both. I do love mimosas. As does my mom!

I literally have way too much time on my hands, as noted by the following:

Clean walls, organized medicine cabinet, and would you just look at my towels?!

I’ve been off work on Friday every week to save the company money, and I’ve used that time to deep clean one room of my home each week. Like, really clean–washing walls and picture frames, cleaning out cabinets. No bathroom should ever look that organized.

My weight was pretty rough for a while. The last time I posted my weight, I’d hit 138.2, my highest weight in 8 years. Crap. But wait, it got worse. A couple of weeks later, after some bad eating including a very unhealthy take-out meal, I was up to 139.6. Holy shit!!! That was a horrible wake-up call. I decided to make some changes, including cutting out carbs. I managed to lose 4 pounds that week (so clearly a lot of it was sodium-induced water weight). I’m still running 5 days a week, including a long run on Saturdays with my girlfriends, and I managed to get down to 134.6 last week. I really noticed the difference, too. My clothes were fitting better, and the cute U-M t-shirt that my neighbor handed down to me (because it was too small on her) actually fit!

Cute shirt AND a good hair day! (Pay no attention to my roots.)

That shirt was uncomfortably tight when she first gave it to me a month ago.

I’d love to say this week I continued in the right direction, but unfortunately, I went up to 135.6. Oops. (For reference, see comment regarding German Chocolate Cake above.) My husband made a few potato-based dishes this week, and that, along with the cake, were my downfall. Back on track this week, though! Riced cauliflower is my friend.

That’s it for now. I’m waiting to see what happens with our governor. More and more people are starting to get tired of being quarantined, and I’m curious to see how she handles it when people start openly defying her in great numbers, which I expect to happen sooner rather than later. Being stuck at home for two and a half months really kinda sucks. But honestly, I’m mostly just sad about what my kids are missing out on. 🙁 I know that we’re blessed to be healthy, and I’m grateful for that, but this seriously cannot go on forever.

Okay, enough negative talk. Here are some pretty pictures that I took of a friend’s yard last week to brighten your day. She has an amazing yard!

Who wouldn’t want to have a backyard like this?! It’s right on the water, too!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Desiree

    OH my goodness! Your babies are growing up! Sorry I haven’t been around the blogosphere much but I am back! I love reading your posts and glad to see you guys are making the best out of this whole quarantine! Hope you are all well!


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