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I wasn’t going to blog tonight, because I’ve posted a lot this last week, and I’ve also been fighting a cold (and losing).  But then, I arrived at the baseball diamond tonight to pick up DS#2 while my husband stayed to watch DS#1 practice, and the strangest thing happened.  DS#2 said he didn’t want to come home with me, but instead wanted to spend an hour at the baseball field, playing catch with his dad, and then another 90 minutes at the rink later, while DS#1 skated.  I looked at his dad in question, who just shrugged to indicate it didn’t matter to him.

Well, hello, free evening.  🙂

I ended up with three hours at home, all by my little self.  I know I should have spent the whole time sitting on the couch eating bonbons (*snort* okay, maybe carrots and apples), but I couldn’t let the kitchen stay a total disaster.  I did tidy up in there a bit, but I think all my friends (including some of my WW message board buddies) will be proud to know that I left the rest of the house a mess and instead managed to accomplish several things…gasp!…for me. 😉

The first thing I did was take a much-needed bath.  I’ve run 3 times this week, and though my muscles are feeling better now than earlier in the week, between the running and the head cold, I decided it was time for a good, hot soak.  It felt wonderful!

The next thing I did was order myself a new swimsuit from Victoria Secret.  Those who have read another post on my blog might wonder why I’m ordering another bathing suit.  Both of the bathing suits I ordered last week did come in, and I found (to my surprise) that I was happiest with the one piece. The tankini was just kind of “eh” on me, so back to Macy’s it will go.  But despite the fact that I really like this (red!) bathing suit, I still felt like I wanted a two-piece. For a long time, I have secretly wished to own a real bikini…not to wear out in public, per se, but to wear when I’m laying around on my deck trying to get some sun.  I have put it off for a while, but it has been on my mind enough that I decided that I would use this free evening to spend some time going over my options with someone who might be able to give me some advice.  I ended up talking with a woman named Rachel who was very helpful and who helped me order the suit at left.  (Sort of–the bottom in the picture is a little smaller than the one I ordered.  My “bottom” needs a bit more coverage, ha ha!)  We probably spent 25 minutes talking things over, and one of the biggest challenges I faced was trying to find a color that wouldn’t clash with my hair.  That’s one thing I’ve noticed about the VS swimsuit catalog (and probably most of their catalogs, I would guess): they don’t seem to have any red-headed models! I’m hoping this green one will look good on me, but if not…well, that’s what returns are for.  I will let you know how it goes (but, before anyone asks…no, I will not provide pictures!).

So that was one long-time wish come true: after 12 years and 78 pounds, I am going to be the proud owner of a Victoria Secret bikini. 🙂  It will probably never see anything other than my deck, but just knowing that I’ll have it makes me feel pretty good.

The other thing I did tonight was eat two dinners. Ha ha, isn’t that awesome–five days at goal weight and I’ve already fallen off the wagon.  😉  But not really…I just discovered after I ate my “first” dinner that it wasn’t actually that many points.  That meal was a slight alteration of my “famous” slow-cooker chicken tacos.  It’s a fantastic crock-pot recipe, and if you’re a WW eTools subscriber, you can search for it.  Today, I put a little of the left-over filling from Tuesday in a bowl and crumbled a taco shell on top (because we only had one taco shell, lol!).  It was tasty, but when I logged it, I discovered it wasn’t very high in points! I was still feeling a bit hungry, so I scoured the fridge for more leftovers.  (Have I ever mentioned that I HATE to cook!? That’s why I married the guy I did–he loves cooking and does most of it in this house.) I was excited to find I had leftover shish kabob fixings from Sunday! Now that I’ve told you I hate to cook, I will add that I did indeed make these shish kabobs myself. However, I made a very big deal about it to anyone who would listen, because, damn it…I cooked. 😉  And actually, they were really good, if I do say so myself. Tonight, I added a little leftover rice and put it all in a couple of tortillas, and it was just like going to my favorite Mongolian restaurant (without the long wait or big price tag!).

Now I’ve got probably 20 minutes before all the boys get home, so I guess I have to forgo my great plan to to catch up on the 17,000 episodes of shows on my DVR (What, me–exaggerate?! Never in a million bazillion years!).  Ah, well, it’s not that big of a deal.  I actually watch very little TV, though I do love the NCIS shows, but I guess Gibbs and Callen will have to wait for me until another day.  😉

I do plan to get to bed early tonight to help me rest up from this stupid cold, and hopefully…hopefully…do another run in the morning. That will make my fourth run this week, and should get me set on a pattern of 3 runs per week from here on out. {crossing fingers} We’ll see how it goes!

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