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Well, that was easy.

Yesterday, I went to the running store where I bought my shoes to find something to hold my phone while running (since I no longer wear big baggy pants with a belt).  I found a great armband phone holder, and I like it much better than my current iPod armband holder, and I decided I would just transfer all my running songs to my phone (an Epic) and ditch the iPod.

While I was there, I asked the very helpful store worker if he had any advice regarding my Under Armour problem, where my top kept riding up while I ran, exposing my bare belly to an embarrassing extreme.  It turns out that store doesn’t sell UA compression gear, and the guy (who seemed like a very experienced runner) said he personally doesn’t see what all the fuss is about for “compression” gear.  I can’t deny that I don’t know why it’s supposed to be great, but I hear that it is.   He didn’t have any suggestions (other than to buy a new, looser shirt), so I left without answers.

This morning I got up and determined I would do the only thing I could think of:

Yep, safety pins.  I put seven safety pins around the bottom of my top, pinning it to the waistband of the pants.  I was worried it would stretch my top and/or put big holes in it, but guess what?

It worked!

I totally forgot about the problem while I was running, and there seemed to be no real lasting effects to my outfit.  It was honestly quite an easy solution, and thankfully, this means I won’t have to go spend money on another workout outfit for the time being.  Here’s a shot of me in the whole outfit:

Here’s a close-up of my makeshift wardrobe correction.

I realize this is obviously not the company’s intent for their product, so I think I will still write them a letter and ask for advice.  I do like the stuff my husband bought me (it really does help you stay cool even when you’re sweating profusely!), and I think I’d like to buy a “summer” outfit (shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt) in it soon.

I surprised myself by getting up at 6:30am to run.  I knew DS#2 had a t-ball game at 9am, and I really wanted an hour or so to cool down after my run.  I hate that I always seem to be rushed after my runs.  Still, for me, getting up that early without a reason other than exercising was ridiculously out of character, so I was quite proud of myself for doing it.  🙂

I started out actually kind of fast, with a sub-10 minute pace, and I realized right away that was too fast.  I slowed down, but then, because my competitive nature kicked in, I started wanting to try for a sub-10 minute pace overall.  Ha!  I did try, but I think my first 2.5 mile run was not the time to try for a new PR pace.  I got tired around the 1.5 mile mark, so I had to slow down.  I did bust it toward the end and ended up with a sub-10 pace  for my last half-mile, but my pipe-dream of having a total run that was sub-10 was just that–a pipe dream! 😉

My splits:

My timing:

I was kind of excited, because my 1/4 mile increase from last week meant that this was the first time I have crossed the “main” road.  I pretty much just crossed it and then turned right back around to go home, but still–I had to dodge a big gravel hauler when I got to the intersection, so I consider that a major feat! :p

I really enjoyed the 7am run.  It was neat to be out before pretty much everyone else.  I may be an extrovert, but even I know there is something to be said for solitude. 😉  Some of my neighbor’s horses saw me running while they were having breakfast and stopped to watch.

I also saw some really pretty flowers down the road from me at one neighbors’ houses.

Yes, I did actually get in my car and go back to take those pictures, lol!

The rest of my day was spent with a different kind of running–running between baseball and hockey for both kids. :p Tomorrow I will do a long-overdue hockey photography post (that’s how my blog started, so I feel I need to get back to my roots every once in a while!).  I’m very excited to share it. 🙂

Thanks for reading!!

6 thoughts on “Problem Solved

  1. Tammy

    I love my Morning Runs,, I try to be out By 5 AM if possible to be to work by 7 . Greta blog thanks.

    1. steph Post author

      Wow, Tammy, you’re up REALLY early! I’m impressed! 🙂

      Thanks so much for commenting!!

  2. Christe @ Path to The Half

    Morning is my favorite time to run as well. Great pictures of the horses and flowers, I get to run around similar scenary. I am glad that you posted the safety pins as I would not have thought of it. I have the same problem with my shirt riding up.

    1. steph Post author

      Thanks, Christe! I’m glad you liked the safety pins…much cheaper than any other alternative I could think of, ha ha!

      Thanks for commenting!

    1. steph Post author

      Thank you, Jess!! Coming from my marathon-running friend, that really makes me feel good! 😀 xoxo


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