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Every week or so, I come here to my blog, and type up post, usually long and wordy, celebrating my little joys or lamenting my little problems. We’re all like that, in a way, whether we write about it or not.  That’s just how we live our lives. And then one day, your small world is shaken when an unimaginable tragedy is experienced by someone within your circle of acquaintances.  Suddenly, your little problems are insignificant.  And in reality, they were probably never significant to begin with.

A few days ago, Jamie came home after his spring sports award banquet and shocked me with the news that he had learned from one of his hockey teammates:   Young man that both of them had played with at different times during their youth hockey years had committed suicide  The day before.  He was 15 years old.

Since that day, it is been hard to focus on the  trivial events of my every day life.  I am heartbroken for the family, and, like everyone else, left with more questions than answers.   There are no answers, and they’re probably never will be, but it serves as a reminder that life is fragile, and being a teenager is not easy.

Instead of  doing one of my usual posts today, I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone, including myself, of what is really important in life.  My way to, my kids’ grades, or the pile of laundry that my children step over daily are not important.  The fact that I love them unconditionally and always well, and that I need to make sure they know it every moment of every day… that’s what’s important.

I couldn’t think of an appropriate photo to use for this post, so the featured photo is a picture from a bike ride that Jamie and I went on last weekend at the marsh.  It was a great day, even though we got drenched and 815-minute downpour on the way home.  I’m just so grateful to be able to make these memories with him.


If you would like to take a moment and pray for this family—the mother, father, brother, and sister who are left behind  to try to pick up the pieces of this tragedy—I know that it would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.




2 thoughts on “#spreadlove

  1. Meg B

    I am so sorry to hear about that young man. Thoughts and prayers for his family and for you guys. <3

  2. Cindy R

    This is such a hard thing to go through. My daughter’s boyfriend’s best friend killed himself on Christmas day after his first semester of college two years ago. This young man had been in and out of our house and it was devastating and totally out of the blue for everybody whose path he had crossed. There wasn’t a dry eye at the funeral. If he only could have seen how much he was loved by his parents, grandparents, sister, family, friends, classmates, and teachers. My heart aches every time I think of him.

    Hold your boys tight and love them, life is so precious.


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